Since 2010

4Fils Engineering and installations

Instal.lacions 4Fils, a Majorcan firm that begun in May 2010, has a clear vocation in the installations sector to be the benchmark of professionalism and offer the utmost quality to its clients. We have been serving the Balearic Islands for more than 11 years, managing new-build installations and building refurbishments for virtually every segment of the construction sector. 4Fils has spent its lifetime growing its business sustainably, diversifying and adapting its activities, growing in turnover and, crucially, the number of members of the team at 4Fils.

Thanks to this approach, the firm is now consolidating its growth from the past few years in order to be ready to undertake new, ambitious projects in the traditional sector, while expanding to include new business channels. On that basis, we face the present and the future with optimism and ambition.

Code of ethics

As part of its internal policy, INSTAL.LACIONS 4FILS S.L. has voluntarily committed to the Code of Ethics, which will be published on its website. The Code of Ethics sets out the Company’s mission, vision and values with the core aim of fostering a culture of compliance, not just with the regulations to which we are subject, but with the values that make up the Company’s very identity.

Scope of application

This Code of Ethics is principally designed for all members of the firm, its external collaborators and our clients.

Mission, vision and values

The MISSION of 4Fils is to provide electrical installation services in all segments in which we operate, to generate value for our clients, staff and partners.

The principal VISION of 4Fils is to be the flagship industrial installations firm in the Spanish Balearic market, helping our clients to see through their projects to completion while adding value, service quality and expert knowledge.

The VALUES that represent and distinguish 4Fils are:

Honesty and ethics

Honesty and professional ethics are in the DNA of 4Fils and are baked into our relationships with suppliers and clients. More than 80% of our business is repeat business, thanks to the excellent professional relationships we grow with our clients and suppliers.

Commitment, professionalism and vocation for serving customers and suppliers

At 4Fils we are certain that our commitment, professionalism and vocation for serving our clients and suppliers set us apart from the competition. They are values that the firm hold dearly because we understand that this outlook is the only way to forge long-standing relationships with our staff and internal collaborators, as well as our clients and suppliers.

Modesty and seriousness

At 4Fils we know where we come from and how far we have travelled. We have grown year on year thanks to upholding stellar performance standards and continue to build on our success.
As a firm, we are aware of our limitations in certain projects and where we can improve; we harness that awareness to keep growing and evolving as a company. We scrutinise every project in depth, and if we do not think we can do the best possible job, we pass our customers on to trusted third parties with all the respect, modesty and seriousness expected of us.

Flexibility, adaptability and teamwork

One of the great ASSETS of our work at 4Fils has always been our flexibility and adaptability to the markets, business segments and project types, as well as nurturing teamwork to harness success. We have a top-down approach to transmitting these essential values throughout the entire company. We understand that it is crucial that our business is flexible and adaptable to any circumstance that might arise, because both the world and our industry change constantly and we need to be ready for the change, assuming new challenges, taking on new projects and, most importantly, making the right calls and proposing the best solutions.